September Pet Holidays

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It’s time to dial it back a little bit and talk about the many ways we celebrate our dogs.  You know we have human holidays on the calendar like New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Christmas and the like; but why should we two-legged types have all the fun?  We would like to share with you some of the more obscure holidays which celebrate our dogs and dog ownership that you may not know exist.  We never want to miss an opportunity to celebrate, so starting with the first half of September, let’s dive in!


National Pet Memorial Day


Founded by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories and celebrated the second Sunday in September, this holiday encourages us to honor our pets by sharing stories about how they have enriched our lives and in some cases, planting trees in memory of beloved pets.


National Hug Your Hound Day


This happens on the daily around our place, so we were a little confused as to why this day is set aside for dog hugs.  Looking into it further, this holiday was founded by canine behaviorist Ami Moore and is more than getting a furry hug to get you through the day.  On this day we are encouraged to focus on our dogs’ health, happiness and safety.  So, in essence, being a good dog mom or dad.  Mark your calendars for the second Sunday in September so you don’t miss it next year!  


Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash


Pet Birth Defect Awareness Day


Founded in 2014, September 13th is set aside to educate us people about pet birth defects, treatment and even prevention.  Our pets’ physical and mental health is largely dependent on us from start to finish.  Check in with your local humane society or the AKC on responsible pet ownership.  


Puppy Mill Awareness Day


Celebrated on the third Saturday in September, this year it falls on September 15th.   If you’ve been following along on the blog, we shouldn’t have to say much about the puppy mill industry.  (See July-August blog posts.)  This day is all about education and putting and end to the puppy mill industry.


Responsible Dog Ownership Day


Crazily enough, this holiday is also celebrated on the third Saturday in September.  Since 2003 the American Kennel Club has set aside this day to really understand what it takes to be a responsible dog owner.  That means education opportunities galore including:


  • How to choose the right breed for you, your family and lifestyle
  • How to care for the health of your dog
  • Training
  • Microchipping
  • Exercising your pet and more!

The AKC has no shortage of ways to be a responsible dog owner.  Read about it here.

That will take care of the first half of September.  Are there celebrations set up in your community?  Send us photos and let us know all about them!  See you next time!


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