Responsible Dog Ownership

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February is Responsible Pet Owners Month.  Yep, that’s a real thing and it’s a good time to take a quick refresher course in what that means to us as dog owners.  Our dogs are completely dependent upon us to care for them and that care involves a huge commitment both in our finances and our time.  First, if you’ve been hanging out with us on the site, you probably already have a dog, so we don’t need to do a deep dive on what to consider and plan for if you are introducing a new puppy to your family; but let’s touch on a few points that we may overlook as busy pet parents.


  1. Healthy Habits – Visit your Vet
    1. Stay current on vaccinations.
    2. Talk with him or her about a well-balanced diet (both type of food and quantity) to feed your dog to maintain optimal health.
    3. Talk with them about pet insurance and ask for recommendations.  There are many companies which now offer coverage for your pet so that you never have to make the decision on medical treatment based solely on cost.
    4. Professional dental cleanings are recommended for your dog and your vet is just the person who can help you out there.  You should also brush your dog’s teeth at home to keep up with the tartar and keep those chompers in good shape.  



  1. Around the House
    1. Know that there are items of curiosity and temptation all around for your dog.  Understand which are toxic and keep them well out of your dog’s reach.
    2. Save your leather pumps from almost certain destruction by supplying your dog with appropriate chew toys.  They never outgrow the love of a good chew. 
    3. Keep their toe nails clipped.  Stop by the groomer for a quick trim or ask your veterinarian for pointers on how to do this yourself.
    4. A clean dog is a happy dog.  Bathe and groom your dog regularly to maintain a healthy, tangle-free coat.  Check with your groomer or vet for recommendations on frequency and use a good dog shampoo to avoid drying the skin.
    5. Use flea and tick prevention and keep your home and your dog’s bed free from parasites.  This is another great issue to bring up at your vet visit as some areas are at higher risk for Lyme disease and heartworm.


The AKC has more in-depth goodies on how to be a responsible dog owner.   Until next time, give your pooch a snuggle from us!

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