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How do I help puppy mill dogs?


If you’ve been following along on the blog, you now know a lot about puppy mills.  Recapping, you know these dogs are:


  • Kept in small cages throughout their lives
  • Allowed no regular exercise
  • Given little food and given water only through a rabbit feeder water bottle
  • Receive little to no medical care
  • Are not bathed or groomed
  • Produce litter after litter of puppies to the detriment of their little bodies
  • When no longer deemed useful, are sold at auction or destroyed


You have also been introduced to the anti-puppy-mill, National Mill Dog Rescue.  Their mission is “to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome discarded breeding dogs and to educate the general public about the cruel realities of the commercial dog breeding industry.”  They are doing some really amazing work.  Since its formation in 2007, they have rescued over 13,000 dogs from these situations and been able to provide medical care and place most in loving forever homes.  That’s a lot of dogs.  How can they possibly do that? 


Let’s do the math


When an organization rescues nearly 1,200 dogs every year, that’s an organization worth our time, attention and resources.  We mentioned previously that no federal or state funding is sent their way, so they do all this with individual donations, fundraisers and a grant thrown in here and there.  We know you are thinking, “How can I help?”  We are so glad you are interested in stepping up to the challenge!  You can help in any number of ways.


Foster a Dog


Dogs need to be placed in foster care to learn how to be a family pet; and the sooner they do that, the sooner they can find their forever home.  They need foster families!  A foster family has the joy of helping the rescue dog learn how to become a member of a family, how to interact and be social, how to walk on a leash, what grass feels like and what it’s like to experience love from people and learn to trust.  If you are in the Colorado area and interested in becoming a foster mom or dad, the process is easy.  Check it out on their Foster page.




Are you ready to bring a new family member into your home?  Great!  Consider adopting one of their dogs.  As you can imagine, National Mill Dog Rescue wants to ensure the dogs are going to secure, loving homes that are capable of delivering the gentle touch and attention these special dogs need to thrive.  Once you complete the application process and are approved to be an adoptive parent, you will need to travel to their facility in Peyton, CO to meet the dogs and pick up your new pet.  If you are out of state, you are welcome to apply as well.  You will just need to share a few more pieces of information about yourself and your home to ensure the environment is suitable for the dog you are considering adopting.  If you are considering adoption, head over to their Adopt page and start your journey.





What’s that you say?  You work 55 hours per week and don’t have time to devote to a new dog; but you want to help?  No worries!  They are always grateful for your generous donations.  Your donations are used to give these dogs everything they need:  nutritious meals and fresh water, soft bedding, medical care and more.  If you are wondering just how much of the donation goes towards helping the dogs and how much towards executive salaries, fear not.  We know that the majority of the staff receives no pay as they are big-hearted volunteers.  So, you can trust our word or do a little research on your own.  Review our blog from December 2017 to see how you can discover this information on Charity Navigator for yourself.  When you are ready, let us make it easy for you:  Where do I send the check?





If none of the above options are a fit for you and your situation; but you have time and would like to help by volunteering, they would love to have you!  As we mentioned, this organization is run mostly by volunteers giving their most precious commodity, time.  To volunteer please go to their Volunteer page to begin your service.  If you aren’t from around here, you can plan a volunteer vacation to the lovely Colorado Springs area to serve or request opportunities to help from afar.  If that is the case, please email them at customerservice@nmdr.org to begin that conversation.


For the Love of Dog


That’s why we do it.  Whether you work with National Mill Dog Rescue, a local breed rescue or no-kill shelter near you, please consider helping these incredible people do incredible things in the lives of neglected and abused dogs.  All dogs deserve our love, gentleness, kindness and a loving and safe home and we hope we have given you the facts you need to make an informed decision when you are considering bringing a new pet into your home.  We will continue to feature dogs ready to find their forever home on our Facebook and Twitter pages, so be sure to follow us.  You may just find your next best friend there.


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