Petember Holidays

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Photo by James Barker on Unsplash


We resume our celebration of dogs with these observances in late September.  Enjoy!


National Deaf Dog Awareness Week

September 24th-30th is a week to recognize and understand the challenges and rewards of hearing-impaired dogs.  Did you know that some breeds can have a deafness rate of 40% or more?  Training a deaf dog can be tough; but thankfully, dogs can read emotion and body language and just being excited towards them reinforces good behaviors.  Deaf dogs are just as special, loving and great companions as other dogs.   Love them up!


Photo by Constantinos Panagopoulos on Unsplash


National Dog Week

Though conflicting accounts of the dates of National Dog Week can be found on the Google Machine, the American Kennel Club recognizes the week of September 24th through 30th and I have to trust that those guys know what they are doing.  I mean, that’s the official word.  Feel free to celebrate your dog on any and all weeks.  We won’t pitch a fit.  This week was established in 1928 by WWI veteran and publisher of Dog World Magazine, Captain Will Judy.  Captain Judy dedicated his life to educating Americans about the spiritual bond we have with our dogs.  After reading this quote from him, I MUST share it.  Enjoy with tissues close by.

“The most unselfish living thing in the world is your dog. If you are in danger, your dog needs only to hear your cry of distress to rush to your aid, without thought of his own life, fearless of guns or enemies.

“The most patient thing in the world is your dog, waiting for hours at the top of the stairs to hear the sound of your footsteps, never complaining however late you may be.

“The most grateful thing in the world is your dog. Whatever you give him, whatever you do for him, he never is guilty of ingratitude. To him you are the most powerful personage in the world and beyond censure; you are your dog’s god; you can do no wrong.

“The most friendly thing in the world is your dog. Of all the animal kingdom, he alone serves man without whip, without compulsion, glad to be by the side of his master wherever he may be, whatever he may do, and sad in heart when his master is away.

“The most forgiving thing in the world is your dog. The one virtue most humans lack is that of forgiveness. But your dog carries no grudge and no spite. Punish him even undeservedly, and he comes to you, nudges his moist nose into your hand, looks up at you with pleading eyes, and wags his tail hesitatingly as though to say, ‘Oh, come on, let’s be pals again.’

“The most loyal thing in the world is your dog. Whether you come home from Congress or from jail, whether you have lost your fortune or made a million, whether you return home dressed in fashion’s heights or in rags, whether you have been hailed as a hero or condemned as a criminal, your dog is waiting for you with a welcome bark of delight, a wagging tail and a heart that knows no guile.

“The world likes dogs because dogs are nearest to moral perfection of all living things.”—Will Judy.


Dogs in Politics Day (also known as Checkers Day)

September 23rd is Dogs in Politics Day; also known as National Checkers Day.  Why “Checkers” you ask?  We have President Richard M. Nixon to thank for this one.  The story goes that then Senator Nixon running as vice president on the ticket with Dwight Eisenhower was being accused of misappropriating $18,000 in donations for personal use.  The pressure was on to dump Nixon from the ticket; but he wasn’t taking it lying down.  On September 23, 1952 he took to the airwaves to refute the charges by giving a full account of his finances to the American people. One donation, however, he intended to keep.  In the speech Nixon explained that a man in Texas had heard that Pat Nixon had said that their children wanted a dog. The man delivered on the wish and shipped them a Cocker Spaniel.  Black and white checked, the kids named it…you guessed it: Checkers.  The speech heard and seen by approximately 60 million Americans was well-received and is considered one of the greatest in US history.  Nixon stayed on the ticket.  He served two terms as VP before winning the presidency in 1968. 


That’s as good a place as any to wrap up Petember celebrations.  A little celebrating; a little trivia; what else can you ask for?


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