My Dog Ate the Snickers

Posted by Annette 10/25/2017 0 Comment(s)

Did your chocolate lab feel it was a good idea to indulge in a little chocolate treat?  That's soooo like a lab.  OK, don’t panic.  You turned your back for a second and your dog got into the candy bucket.  Remember the toxicity calculator from our last Dogs and Chocolate post?  You can start there as a guide.  Be sure to call your veterinarian.  Many times your dog will vomit without outside help.  (Super fun.  Have the Bissell at the ready.)





Your vet may ask you to induce vomiting; he may ask you to bring your candy thief into the office for IV medications and fluids or possibly pump the stomach to prevent harmful chocolate from getting into the bloodstream.  Then again, your vet may simply ask you to monitor your dog and his symptoms over the next several hours and report back.  In any case, we can’t stress enough that you should call your vet for the appropriate course of action.  This blog is only intended to inform you about different treatments that may be prescribed and not an instruction or pathway to become your own vet.  You can still play one on TV if you want.  So,even if he smiles at you like this: 



No M & M's.  Instead, have some of our tasty treats on hand.  They will satisfy his sweet tooth and be good for him at the same time.

Until next time, Happy Howl-oween!


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