Listeria Recalls

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In our last post we shared information on the recent dog food recalls related to Salmonella contamination.  This week we take a look at the recalls related to Listeria bacteria found in some dog foods you may have in your pantry.  We cover which products have been recalled, what you need to know to catch this infection early and what to do to get treatment for you and your pup.  Let’s get started.



Listeria can thrive in many environments including all temperatures, including freezing temps. It can live in water, soil, dust, animal poop and elsewhere.  Your dog can pick up the bacteria by eating contaminated food, by eating other animals’ poop or getting up close and personal with dead bunnies and the like which may be contaminated with the bacteria.    


Symptoms of Listeria in dogs include; but are not limited to:

  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of coordination
  • Lethargy


If your dog is exhibiting these symptoms, get to your veterinarian for treatment.  Antibiotics are typically the answer; but if your pup is dehydrated and not eating, an overnight stay with some IV fluids may be necessary.  Listeria infections can be fatal if left untreated, so don’t delay in seeking help.


Like Salmonella, Listeria can be transmitted to humans and be quite problematic.  You and your family can pick up this little menace by handling contaminated dog food (or human food for that matter), coming into contact with the dog’s coat, saliva or poop.  I know what you’re thinking.  How likely is that, really?  Let’s examine how this could be transmitted.

  • Get doggie kisses?  Check.
  • Pick up dog poop in the yard and it accidentally falls out of the bag onto your hand or shoe; then you touch the poop-infected shoelace to remove the shoes?  Check.
  • Pet your dog on the daily?  Check.
  • Play tug with the rope or fetch with the bumper and get the slobbery end?  Check.


So, it CAN and does happen.  That’s why the recalls.


 Here are some symptoms humans may experience after coming into contact with Listeria:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Achy muscles
  • Fever
  • Stiff neck
  • Headache

Many times, these symptoms will subside in a couple days; however, greater risk is posed to the elderly, the very young, those with weakened immune systems and pregnant women along with their babies. If you are in one of these groups, seek medical attention immediately if you experience the symptoms mentioned. Again, the best precaution you can take is to wash your hands often.


Now that you know what to look for when Listeria comes calling, we would like to share with you the most recent recalls.  These are reported as voluntary recalls.  




Just Food For Dogs

  • Turducken – Batch Dates XX110118 TO XX123118
  • Beef and Russet Potato – Batch Dates xx110118 to xx011419
  • Fish and Sweet Potato – Batch dates xx110118 to xx011419
  • Contact Just Food for Dogs at support@justfoodfordogs.com


Northwest Naturals

  • Chicken and Salmon Recipe 5lb Frozen Food Chubs
  • UPC Code  087316384406 and Best Before Code 15082218
  • Mainly distributed in CA, WA, TX, MI, GA and RI
  • Contact Northwest Naturals at 866-637-1872


Check the pantry to ensure you aren’t feeding these recipes to your dog and keep an eye out for future recalls on our social media posts.  Another way to keep abreast of this information is to set up Google Alerts with the topic of “pet food recalls” or “dog food recalls.”  This will automatically send you via email the latest articles and news stories relating to this topic.  Lastly, the Food and Drug Administration announces recalls as they occur.


Join us next time when we discuss another possibly dangerous substance found in pet foods recently, the euthanasia drug, Pentobarbital. 

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