Importance of Training

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It’s still Responsible Pet Owners Month and this time around we want to talk about training.  Training your dog is Job One right after “Your name is Fido.” and “Your food and water are over here.”  Potty training can be a challenge with some breeds; others pick it up within a couple days.  That’s pretty normal.  Have patience, be consistent and offer lots of praise and you’ll both get through it.  If you need some pointers, the American Kennel Club has multiple articles to offer assistance.  Best of luck and keep the paper towels handy.


The training we will discuss in this blog relates more to enhancing your relationship with your dog, his relationship with other people and other dogs and to protecting him in certain situations.


Basic commands such as sit, stay, down and come will develop your dog into a delightful pooch; one that everyone wants to be around.  Think about it.  When someone’s children misbehave, that’s no fun for anyone.  This is no different.  As a pet parent, you are responsible for teaching them acceptable behavior in a positive, loving and patient manner.  Plus, the “come” command can save them from bolting into traffic after that bunny they just saw or save them from another rapidly advancing dog with a disposition about which you aren’t really certain. 


If you aren’t sure how to train properly, sign up for an obedience class.  There are many skilled trainers using positive reinforcement to teach you and your dog what you need to know.  This is well worth the investment.


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Socializing your dog is an important step in developing him or her into a nice doggie.  Take him to the dog park, the pet store and go for a walk around the neighborhood; exposing him to lots of different people and other dogs.  Allow the meet & greets so that they can learn to “play well with others.”  This can be a really enjoyable time for you too.  Watching your pup play with others brings a little joy into your day.  Bonus:  you may even meet some new friends.  Many cities have doggie play dates you can join.  Check social media for groups like Pug Lovers, Doxie Dates or whatever sounds fun.  (These are totally invented groups; but you get the idea.)


When your dog is hanging out with little people, always supervise the play and pet sessions.  No matter how even-tempered your dog is, the kids with whom she is spending time may not be so kind.  A pull of the ear or getting startled is not fun for doggies and you want to ensure both your dog and your kiddos are safe and avoid any bad feelings among friends.


We have some good training ideas on our Pinterest boards.  Check them out.  More specific pointers on training are coming up in future blog posts. 


Do you have any training tricks or tips?  What’s worked well for you and your dog?  Share them here!  We can all learn from each other.  See you next time!

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