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The Off Leash Dog Boutique fourth quarter dog charity has been chosen.  Congratulations to Freedom Service Dogs of America!  This organization is based in Denver, CO and really does some amazing work.  Why do we love them?  Lots of reasons; but the biggest is that not only do they help give new life and purpose to shelter dogs they give the same new life, hope and freedom to humans in need.

Since their start in 1987, Freedom Service Dogs of America has been rescuing dogs from shelters and from rescue groups throughout Colorado and neighboring states and training them to do specific tasks that people are unable to do.  The dogs have helped everyone from children to veterans and active duty military personnel as well as other adults in need.

Think about how a spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism and other traumatic injury or illness would impact your life.  Maybe you would be unable to turn on a light switch or pick up a pencil or even go for help if you found yourself in danger.  These dogs are trained to do these tasks and so much more.  They learn up to 50 commands to give new freedom to people struggling with illnesses or injuries such as these.

There is no puppy breeding program.  It’s just Freedom Service Dogs of America rescuing dogs who then rescue humans. 

Speaking of those humans, no fees are charged to those in need.  Simply get in contact with the organization and they walk you through the process of getting paired with the right service dog for your needs.  Go to their application page to get started.  Be sure to read up on it.  It’s a commitment and you’re in this together.

We want to share every single story about the lives changed by this organization; but don’t have the space, so we picked just one.  See more on their testimonial page.

“I sat on the bed getting ready to end my life.  Barrett put his paw on my leg and looked at me like, ‘It’s OK, bro.  I’ve been there myself.’ That night, Barrett saved my life.  PTSD can feel like drinking nine energy drinks and if you have no outlet, life can be overbearing.  Freedom Service Dogs is not just about dogs helping with physical disabilities, it’s about true, ongoing, FREEDOM.”

Joel, veteran client who served multiple tours.  He graduated with Barrett in May of 2012.


The cost to train and place a single dog is $25,000-$30,000 and this wonderful organization is supported only by some non-government grants and mostly the donations of loving people like you.  If you are in a position to donate to this remarkable dog charity, we strongly encourage you to do so along with us!

Don’t forget to get us your nomination for your favorite dog charity.  When chosen, they receive 10% of the proceeds of all Off Leash Dog Boutique orders for the time period chosen.  That can add up to a lot of bones, so help ‘em out and nominate them on our Facebook, Twitter or do it the old-fashioned way and email us at contactus@offleashdogboutique.com!

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