Christmas Story

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It’s the holidays and there are always new challenges afoot when you have dogs in the house.  The tree goes up.  Real or artificial tree – doesn’t matter.  It’s something new to sniff, chew, knock over and lay beneath.  Presents are available for the sneaky dogs.  Just when you’re not looking that wrapped box of Godiva chocolates disappears.  Heaven help you if you put Grandpa’s Hickory Farms box under there.  Poinsettias, tinsel, people treats and more can be foul temptresses for your pooch.  Help ‘em out this Christmas by removing as much of the temptation as possible.  Here’s a personal story about a time when we humans had no idea the irresistibility quotient was so high on a particular Christmas item.

This is the story of a Miniature Schnauzer.  Once upon a time, a cranky yet lovable guy named Chandler was left to his own devices while mom was at work earning money to buy him more toys and treats.  The Christmas tree had been put up and decorated with care.  Lights twinkled and ornaments of all kinds swayed gently in the breeze of the heating vent.  Hand-made ornaments from a darling child, crystal ornaments from a favorite aunt, hand-painted jolly old St. Nicolaus winked at him from mid-tree.  Not a bare spot to be found…until….  Chandler had a good sniffer and discovered six prized ornaments from the Oregon Coast.  There was a starfish, a sand dollar, a sea horse and a few sea shells.  Given up by the sea and dipped in glittery gloriousness, they dangled gently on the tree catching the light just so.  So delicate and so delicious. 

Chandler couldn’t resist the temptation.  If something smells fishy to you, you eat it, right?  He selected the sea shell ornament closest to him and spent the afternoon gnawing the end to tiny pieces and eating those pieces of what in hindsight seemed to be sea shell shrapnel.  (Say that five times fast.)  This didn’t mean he pooped the glittery poop of unicorns.  Nope.  This meant an emergency trip to the vet; followed by emergency surgery to scrape the glass-like substance out of his tummy.  Then we spent over a week with a crummy feeling doggie lying on our laps.  The phrase “Sick as a Dog” took on new meaning for all of us.  The moral of the story:  If it’s tempting to a dog, put it up.  This goes for all pets, mind you.  We also had an unfortunate incident involving a kitty and tinsel; but we’ll spare you those graphic details.

Christmas joy and cheer are all around.  Let go of the stress of daily life and take time to enjoy this season with your family and friends and continue to watch over and protect those you love.  Merry Christmas to you and yours from your friendly pack here at Off Leash Dog Boutique!

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