Personalized Dog Products

Name it and claim it with our Personalized Dog Products!

We love to proclaim our name.  Monogrammed shirts, vanity license plates, even hand towels are not outside and even personalized doggie treats.  Your dog can “spell it out” for people just how awesome she is in our two-tier collars with sliding letter charms.  Just spell out her name or nickname.  We have just enough letters to spell “Trouble.”  We also offer engraved collars for that elegant touch.  Then when it’s your pup’s birthday, “treat” them like family with our personalized birthday cakes and put them to bed in a comfy embroidered Jamison dog bed.  Choose from 3 sizes and 4 colors.  Make it theirs!


Personalized items are non-returnable, so measure carefully and double-check that spelling!