Dog Toys

Play time!  Build on that special bond you have with durable dog toys for hours of fun.

Is your living room décor composed of stray squeakers, mounds of polyfill and bits of plush that were once part of a stuffed frog or rabbit or some other toy animal that had the misfortune of crossing paths with your mighty hunter?  We have the answer to your dog toy woes here at Off Leash Dog Boutique.  Many of our durable dog toys, like the Sequoia Squirrel, are made in the USA, machine washable and dryer-safe for unending fun.  SQUIRREL!  If lovin’ the stuffin’ out of their toys isn’t your dog’s deal (you lucky dog) your dog may be into that “You throw it - I bring it back” thing.  If so, check out some of our really tough dog toys like the dishwasher-safe and eco-friendly Dash.  If you just can’t pick up another wad of polyfill, check out our favorite tough guys for rough play: Jefferson, Lincoln and Custer.  Fetch, tug-of-war and any other game, these guys do it all.  Wear your dog out with durable dog toys from Off Leash Dog Boutique!

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Our bone has gone to the dogs. Made from super soft and durable IntelliLoft fabric, Bone for dogs is..



Boogey is a super soft and full of fun dog toy that is made with a long-lasting squeaker and will en..



Light, bouncy and soft enough for dogs to catch with their mouths’, Boz® (ryhmes with nose) dog ball..



Būmi® is a recyclable floating Zogoflex dog toy designed for fetch or tug-of-war. The perfect s..



BUILT FOR ROUGH PLAYINGMedium to small dogs won’t be able to put this guy down. Ideal for chewin..


Dam Beaver

Buck-teeth and a quilted tail make this beaver irresistible! Our NEW IntelliLoft fabric is tough eno..



New Dash® frisbee for dogs has an aerodynamic design making it easy for humans to throw and fun for ..



BUILT FOR ROUGH PLAYING With arms and legs that are great for shaking and tugging, Ferg..


Floppy Dog

Your dog has met his match.  This hand made floppy, fabric dog toy might be smaller than the av..


Floppy Giraffe

Our unstuffed floppy toys are designed for dogs that love the stuffing out of traditional plush toys..


Floppy Quack

Floppy, flat and fabulous, the stuffing-free Floppy Quack dog toy is designed for dogs that have a t..


Holiday Bear

This holiday bear dog toy comes in two sizes (small and large) and is super-soft and ready to be pic..



It’s a ball. It’s a stick. It’s a bone. And it’s a major bestseller. Dogs love it for gnawing and fe..



BUILT FOR ROUGH PLAYING Perfect for medium to large dogs who love to shake, tug, and ch..



Jive® is the only ball dogs need—bright, bouncy, and buoyant. Combat slobber by flinging it with a s..