About Off Leash Dog Boutique


Who We Are

We love dogs and we know you love dogs or you wouldn’t be here.  We are dedicated to sharing with you everything you need to show your love and affection to your pet.  Off Leash Dog Boutique is a different kind of online pet store.  Sure, we carry dog clothes for every season and every occasion and a great selection of dog collars that will turn heads on any walk; but we take it to the next level and offer personalized dog collars, bowls and even personalized dog birthday cakes to make that party really rock!  You know you want the other dog moms and dads to rave about that party and we have just the dog treats for their take-home goodie bags!  Bonus:  you get to shop in your jammies!


Our Story

Off Leash Dog Boutique started for the love of dogs and everything they give us.  Lt. Pete Mitchell, our saucy and very opinionated miniature schnauzer, and Kona, our beautiful, gentle, loving lab were the inspiration for the name.  The first time we took them off-leash their excitement and unbridled joy at being free to explore, meet new friends, sniff all the smells and “claim” what was theirs (that’s Pete) gave us that same joy.  We want Off Leash Dog Boutique to help give that joy to all dogs.  That’s why the outdoorsy stuff is offered at our boutique.  Hike, camp, play in the water, hang out at the dog park; whatever brings you and your dog that joy, we want to help.




Here’s where you come in.  We love dogs…all dogs; and we want to help them all to live a happy and fulfilling life as members of families.  Each month 10% of the proceeds from every order will be donated to dog charities submitted by you, our awesome customers!  Hit us up on Social Media to nominate your favorite pet charity.  Tell us why you have a heart for them and we will choose from all the submissions.  Then keep an eye out for our newsletter, blog and social media posts to see who benefitted that month.  Thank you for partnering with us to love all the dogs everywhere!